1. How old is the ABQ Brats group?

We were founded on Memorial Day 2012 by Rachael Cleveland.

2. What is the purpose of the ABQ Brats group?

This group exists to bring comfort, healing, or just a good ol’ sense of community to the brats in Albuquerque, NM. After the benefits run out, parents retire, or whatever else might happen, we end up in a city we don’t necessarily know surrounded by total strangers. Our goal is to help make life a little bit easier for the military brats out there. We don’t have to be alone anymore.

3. What does the ABQ Brats group do?

Although we have yet to host an event at this point in time, Rachael is already preparing for our initial meeting. Let’s discuss hosting a summertime BBQ!

4. Do I have to be new to this to join the ABQ Brats group?

Absolutely not! Whether you just lost base privileges or have been living in the civilian world for decades, the ABQ Brats group is here for you. Diversity will give us a well-rounded group, so let’s all get together!

5. Does it cost anything to join?

Not a penny! The ABQ Brats group is free for all. We may discuss items to bring for potlucks, BBQs, or other events and if we meet for a meal, we’ll each pay our own way. We understand financial stress and would not want that to get in the way of this greater purpose. You’ll never be asked to pay a penny.

6. Who can I contact the ABQ Brats group?

Please contact us at abqbrats@yahoo.com.


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