How to Help

Now that you’ve found this group, you might be wondering how to be involved. We’ve got some ideas!

Like ABQ Brats on Facebook

Want to stay in the loop with us while also exposing our posts and activities to your friends and family? Increase our sphere of influence for free by clicking Like!

Follow and Retweet ABQ Brats on Twitter

Just like with Facebook, Twitter gives us the chance to reach huge audiences with the press of a button. A simple Follow will do us a world of good and if you like a particular post, hit Retweet to share with your connections!

Join the LinkedIn Group

We’re acutely aware of how difficult it is to get a new business or even career up-and-running without a strong network. If you’re a brat, you might not have the same connections in Albuquerque or New Mexico that locals have. We want to change that. Let’s be connected professionally! Join the ABQ Brats LinkedIn group!

Add ABQ Brats to your resources page

Many organizations share links, causes, resources, or whatever other word means something similar. We share important causes on our site and are happy to add other groups. In the future, we will have a button you can add to your blog or website to show your support or military brat background!

Share with military families and brats

Do you know a military brat in or “from” Albuquerque? Share us! From email to the various social networking sites, there are many ways to connect us to those you know who’d be interested. This is a very easy way to help both us and those you already know and care for.

Share with veteran organizations

We’re trying our hardest to connect with veteran groups around New Mexico, but it can be tricky to make inroads at first. If you’re involved in an organization, have a friend who is, or think we should check out a particular place, send us an email and we’ll send a professional email or even call them to get involved! Or, just pass on the word to those in the know. We’d be eternally grateful!

Donate your thoughts

The number one goal of this group is to create a hometown community for people without such a thing anywhere else in the world. The best way to connect with others is to share your experiences. As you can see, we share our thoughts and feelings with the rest of the world and we’d absolutely love to have more people involved! It can be as simple as writing out a funny story from your brat life or it could be a much more developed, thoughtful deconstruction of the lifestyle. Just let us know and we’ll help you figure out the right way to get involved without over-sharing too much personal information and to draw in the right groups of people.

Volunteer your time

The ABQ Brats group is new, but incredibly committed. We’re keeping our eyes and ears open for events, festivals, or other occasions where our presence could be useful. If you’re interested in manning a booth or passing out information, send us an email and we’ll add you to the list of volunteers!

Donate goods or services

Everyone’s great at something. We bet that whatever you excel at could come in use for the ABQ Brats. Whether it is web design, networking, or baking, we’d love to have you. To get involved, email us at

We’re currently in the market for printed materials like a banner, handouts, flyers, or other items to share with the public at upcoming events. Work in the industry or want to help? Consider making a donation of time, product, or money! We would love to host the site on our own, but that requires domain registration and hosting funds. We’ll get there one day!

Donate money

We have a PayPal account specifically linked to the email address. Although we are not a non-profit (at the moment) or other official group (how do you even do that?), we are run by an extremely professional and detail-oriented business owner: Rachael Cleveland. Everything is above the table with her and every penny will go to ABQ Brats initiatives.

To help, just click the PayPal button below! Every amount helps.

Invite us

Do you think the ABQ Brats would be a good addition to your next event? Let us know and if it is up our alley, we’d love to participate! To get involved, email us at


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