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Life Apart: An Adult Military Brat Reflects

So, all military brats are familiar with separation. Our parent(s) deploys, goes out on trips, or leaves for any of a number of reasons.

It’s hard, but we manage. Heck, we’re military brats; we always manage!

Well, when you grow up as a military brat to a career sailor/soldier/whomever, that feeling of transience and distance never gets to go away.

In my family, neither parent stays one place very long. My Dad is a career sailor with 28+ years under his belt, and he still moves every 2-4 years. My Mom works for the DOD, and just moved overseas again after several years of life just south of Atlanta, Georgia.

And where do I love? Oh, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I moved here in 2006 to live close to my Dad after graduating from Lakenheath American High School, and all went well until the Navy sent him elsewhere.

Sure, I see my family often (every few months), but I still have no sense of home.

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Why I Attend Brat Reunions and Why You Should, Too

If you attend “Brat” or DODDS reunions, why do you do so?

Again, the Museum of the American Military Familys list of writing prompts for military brats has sent me scuttling to the dusty filing cabinets in my mind to share with you all just what it is about the brat or DODDS reunions that get me going.

Personally, the very first reunion I will attend will take place this Saturday in Albuquerque, NM as part of this group, ABQ Brats. I’ve lived in Albuquerque for 6 years and have been a brat much longer, so what took so long?

My first ABQ fall (Oct 2006) – Clearly, I was not prepared for non-UK weather!

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